Samhlaiocht promotes the Visual and Performing Arts in Kerry. Offices are at Castle Street, Tralee in the County capital..


Here we have an example of Drama in the ARTS Curricular Area. We used FLICKR for our presentation only to find that FLICKR is blocked on the School Broadband Network. Unfortunately it cannot be seen at school but can be seen at home. Thus ends our adventures with FLICKR for the moment.

Designing and making - Designing and making is the technological component of the Science Curriculum. This aspect of the curriculum provides children with opportunities to apply scientific ideas to everyday situations and problems. The children are challenged to explore, plan and make models and functional objects in order to solve practical problems. Designing and making simple magnetic games, wind/water mills, floating vessels, telescopes, containers for specific purposes, electrical circuits and so on develop children's awareness of the value of technology in their lives.

Floating Vessels